Gloria Juca(non-registered)
Such awsome artist's eye! Loved the colors, the themes and subjects and beautiful details. Congratulations!
Akosua Afriyie-Kumi(non-registered)
Your work is truly beautiful. So happy to have stumbled across it on CNN inside Africa!

Well done.

Matthew Pettipas(non-registered)
A truly brilliant and great team, Thank you so much for sharing your photos with the world and maybe people will begin to respect the wildlife and their habitats through the beauty and magic of your photos.
Johan Jooste(non-registered)
Since I'm from Namibia and also a photographer and also have done aerial shots, I really appreciate and value your galleries and work done here. Please pop in and say hi to our group members at our facebook group, Namibia Photography Group if you have time.
Jerome Disney(non-registered)
Fantastic work. Two questions - Can any of these images be purchased? Can any be licensed to use as a cover for a CD of instrumental music?
S Abraham(non-registered)
Wow. Incredibly stunning and unique views of one corner of our world. Thank you for sharing these! I will be following your site just for the sheer pleasure of viewing some earthly beauty in a part of the world I may never see in person.
-New fan from Alaska.
Amber B(non-registered)
All of these images are absolutely beautiful, but the ones in the Mozambique album are especially breathtaking!! Amazing work!!
Shubhabrata De(non-registered)
This is absolutely amazing photography - AWESOME !!!
Henry Bruford(non-registered)
Sat at work and just looked at these photos. #AWESOME!!

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